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Welcome to Jefferson Consulting Limited online,

We are independent consultants in the exploration, proving and development of industrial minerals deposits, together with problem solving in plant and quarry.

Specialising in raw materials for construction materials such as cement, lime, building stone, aggregates and pozzolans we locate and prove the deposits, investigate their mineralogy, chemistry and physical properties.

This enables the raw material extraction process to be optimised and the most appropriate processing plant selected. Investigations are carried out throughout the world.

Existing processing plant can often fail to achieve its design output due to problems with the raw materials fed to it.

Detailed analysis of the raw materials, their extraction and blending, can often lead to cost effective solutions to such output problems.  

Studies of waste products, whether extracted from the process for environmental reasons, or discarded as overburden from the raw materials, may identify secondary products which can offset the cost of their removal from the system.

The geological and scientific techniques which have been developed for studying natural raw materials and proving the economic viability of new building stone deposits, or raw materials for cement and lime plants, have proved invaluable in studying our historic built heritage.  Throughout the world, buildings are suffering the ravages of time and, in many instances, problems caused by environmental pollution.

In recent years, much of the work undertaken by the company has involved studies related to the restoration and conservation of historic sites. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us using the details below.