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Exploration for any form of raw material, although using traditional geological techniques, also requires a detailed understanding, not only of the potential mineral extraction methods, but also of the process for which the rock or mineral is to be used.  The manner in which an exploration and assessment programme is designed will, therefore, be project dependant.

Furthermore, the original plan will develop and be modified as the exploration proceeds.  Rapid core logging, data collection, sample preparation and testing are essential if the feedback necessary to optimise the exploration is to be available.  Many years of experience all over the world has allowed us to advise on and set up the procedures necessary for cost effective exploration and assessment of minerals deposits.

Prior to undertaking any search for mineral resources, a literature search should be carried out in order to obtain as much information as possible prior to carrying out field investigations.  Once target areas have been identified, a field reconnaissance should then be carried out.  This will not only study the potential raw materials, but will also provide information on such items as access, power and water supplies and possible plant locations.  Once the most likely targets have been identified in the field, field mapping and sampling, using pits and trenches where necessary, is undertaken..

Once the site with the most potential has been located and the economics assessed, a detailed borehole drilling programme is then normally required.  Such drilling is undertaken for two purposes.  Firstly to delineate the deposit, and secondly to determine the mineral grade and the variation in that grade.  Core logging should be carried out in a manner which is relevant to the project and is undertaken concurrently with the drilling.  Good sample preparation for analysis is critical if the results of the drilling are to be valid.

The company can advise sample preparation procedures.  Similarly the analytical techniques should be relevant to the project.

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